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Cartelle Tombola

Tombola is an Italian game very similar to Bingo that's most often played in the Christmas period, but that can be played all over the year. There are 90 numbered balls (from 1 to 90) in a bag that are draw lots one after the other from the game master. The players have one ore more sheets (cartelle) each with 15 numbers in a 3 rows by 9 columns matrix, each row contains 5 numbers.

The author had a problem to solve, he had to find 300 different tombola sheets for a party organised by his son kindergarten. He didn't find free software on the internet and then he decided to develop his own program. After this just to practice on Java he decided to build the user interface and then to put the program in the internet just in case somebody need something like this.

About release 2.0
The initial release was designed for sheets generation and printing leaving the traditional (manual) approach for game playing. In release 2.0 has been added the possibility to play the game from the program. Thanks to that you don't need any longer the numbered balls (there are always a few that get lost) and the computer automatically check the prizes in the sheets even if one of the players miss any of the numbers

To donwload the application or the source click here

If you have problems running cartelle, please first make sure:
you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.1 or greater.
You can download the latest JRE at http://java.sun.com
you have Java help (jh.jar) in the same directory of cartelle.jar
You can download the latest Java help at http://java.sun.com/products/javahelp/